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1. When you complete payment an email is automatically sent to you, containing your download link. Check your spam/junk folder.
2. Check the email address you used to pay for the order - the email will be sent to that email. Check it has not gone to your Paypal email instead of your regular email.
3. Login to your account on the website. Go to MY ORDERS and you will find your order history with all your download links.
If your order is not listed & you paid, 99.9% of the time this means your Paypal email defaulted to the order at checkout and you opened and ordered under a new account using that address. Login using that email to retrieve the order. If you cannot access your Paypal email contact us so we can reset your password/emails but it is not possible to move orders between accounts for Tax and Legal reasons so if you can't access that account ask for a new password. If you can't access that email address please contact us so we can resolve it for you.

Where is my download order?

Can I return/exchange/cancel my DOWNLOAD order, I changed my mind?

Downloads are automatically sent once you pay so if you receive the wrong download it's because you made a mistake. If you find that the actual download file does not correspond to what you ordered please let us know so we can correct it for you.

I received my order but it's wrong/there's a problem?

I made a mistake ordering a download, can I have an exchange/refund?

Sorry, this is not possible and under International Laws we are not required to exchange/refund any digital order. We may be a small company but we are governed by the same rules & laws as Global digital services like Google, Amazon and ITunes - once you make a purchase you are committed to it and refunds are not applicable as the product is already delivered at point of sale to your inbox.

No. Sorry, this is not possible and under International Laws we are not required to exchange any digital order.  If we made a mistake which causes you to purchase incorrectly or your order has the incorrect file attached please let us know so we can get you the correct download.

What is a download?

How do I download my order?

What is the difference between a digi, digital stamp, digi stamp, printable?

How do I order a download?

It's an image which is delivered digitally through the website which you can download to your computer, save and print at home to craft with. As soon as you pay, you receive an email with a link to download the file so you can be crafting within a couple of minutes!

They're almost the same. Digi, digital stamp, digistamp are all just different terms for a digital image. Not all companies enable you to print a digital image though so beware of some websites! Ours are intended for you to print, craft & colour so they are the highest resolution possible so you will never have a problem with blurred images when printing.

Once your order is paid for and checkout complete, your downloads will appear in YOUR ACCOUNT Located at the top of the website. Go into MY ORDERS and all orders are listed, click on the most recent and your DOWNLOAD LINK will be listed. Our downloads are FOR LIFE (as long as we have this website) and will not expire so if for some reason you lose them or need to download again you will still have access to them through your Account. You will also receive an order confirmation by EMAIL which contains a link and you can download from there without logging back in your account.

Please watch VIDEO 1 using the button below - if you buy a bundle also watch VIDEO 2, they tell you everything you need to know with lots of hints & tips you might learn along the way!

Additional Help...

How do I download, unzip and resize my images? I want to do more with my downloads?

Please click the button below and watch all 3 videos - there are lots of tips & techniques which will amaze you! Grab a coffee and allow about an hour!


What type of computer do I need?

Any type of computer will do - and most modern devices/phones too!MAC - use the Preview app to print and resize. To manipulate images more in depth use PAGES.WINDOWS PC - use the Windows Print app to print & resize. Use MS Word for easy manipulation or use a free version of Word.OTHER DEVICES - we can't offer full support as there are so many but most phones & tablets will allow you to use and print and even manipulate images - they are just the same as a photo, so any device which lets you use photos should enable you to use a download. If in doubt just GOOGLE 'device' can I use a downloaded image/print a downloaded image and you'll get your answer.

Do I need an expensive printer to use downloads?

No! When you have good quality images in the first place the most important thing is to use decent paper. We recommend a Canon Pixma printer - they are cheap to buy and excellent quality with not much to go wrong.  Remember though if you use cheap inks you will not get the same results as a genuine ink. Try using our Ultimate Graphic paper - it's specially for printing graphics, you'll love it! (Great for colouring too!)

Can I use digital images with my Kindle?

Yes, we have more help on this here (please note we cannot provide support on this):


My download is black/blank/there is nothing there?

Your file is not blank or black. We supply highest quality .PNG images which have a clear background. This means you could overlay one image on top of another to merge them without having to remove the white background which you get on a .JPEG image. PNG images are also better quality than a JPEG. WE DO NOT SUPPLY JPEGS. Because you have an image that is black on a clear background (e.g a sentiment/greeting) you are simply seeing the black background of your computer showing through. If this happens it is usually because you are using the Windows Photo Viewer which has a black background. There is no way you can change this. BUT, you can download & install the previous Windows app instead which has a light background. We cannot provide technical support on this, but you can find all the help you need here:


I can't open images/error code 1004/no file association.

After Windows or Adobe updates defaults can change. Please follow these instructions here:


Can I use my phone or device with downloads?

YES, you can! We have lots of help for you here!